Blah…A Lazy Journal Entry

So I haven’t been feeling like journaling the past two days. I’ve had a ton of stuff on my mind that I could have been sharing with the world but I’ve just been too lazy. I also can’t help to think that generally speaking, no one or not many people do actually read these entries anyway. On that note, I’ll just list the things on my mind: 

  • In the future, maybe moving to the Texas/Mexico border near the McAllen area
  • My incarcerated ex(es)
  • Not having employment
  • Homeless People 
  • Probably needing a Psychiatrist
  • Wondering how I could get free sessions with the said psychiatrist
  • My health issues
  • My lack of major life achievements compared to my present stage in life (late 30s)

So an introvert my mind is usually going a million miles a minute on a regular day but the past several days it has been in an extreme case of overdrive. Maybe I’ll talk about all my issues/thoughts listed above in a later post. For now, good night! 

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