Chapter 2: Necessary Voyages

I woke the next morning to a strange little creature in my face. I sat up right and almost screamed seeing it look at me with its little eyes and a cloth hat on his head? Ah geez. His name was Sir Spanks-a-lot. My brother must have been up all night chasing this tiny creature to make it his friend. It was a super high level mesopithecus so he had to have taken a long time to tame. I looked around at the dodos in the house and collected the eggs they’d dropped in the night. Bagel Bite was particularly fast at laying eggs. She was a good dodo. I grabbed my pick ax and my hatchet out of my box and walked outside. It was bright outside and I blinked in the sunlight as I stretched and looked around. There was a pteranadon sitting next to our home unsaddled. Must have been Hellion’s doing also. It wasn’t a high level but it was enough to help us fly about the map. It didn’t have a saddle yet though. We’d have to let it sit there till we could put a saddle on it for us to fly.
I started up the mountain again for some more metal. I talked to my brother and twin and they told me how they built boats in preparation of our move to No Man’s Land. I decided to take a break in my metal gathering to start on a little project. I asked my brother if he could make me a pair of scissors for my project. He gathered the materials but was missing one thing that we didn’t have. We decided that since it was something we’d need anyways we’d go ahead and make a trip to an area that had what we needed. I packed up my things and locked up the house and headed off to the boat. We set sail to the island that was in the shape of a skull that had lava pools within. This was a for sure area we could gather the materials we were looking for. There didn’t seem to be any creatures here waiting to harm us so we moved back and forth gathering the obsidian and crystal in peace. Soon there was no more resources in the area to gather. Hellion and I walked around the tiny island to see if there was any more materials we missed.
We were just beginning to think that we we’re going to have an event free trip when he heard it. A suspicious slithering noise followed by a hiss. He shot an arrow but it was too late. The large black snake struck out and landed a perfect hit on him. He told me to run for it while they were distracted. It took me a moment to gather my thoughts as I saw the flash of red indicating that my brother had fallen. I turned in terror and bolted back for the boat and came face to face with a huge white snake. I jumped off to the side but was still struck. I could feel the tranquilizing venom flowing through my body. I ran as fast as I could for the boat knowing I’d only be allowed to make it so far before I fell over in half consciousness. I dove off into the water hoping the large snakes would be deterred but as I launched myself off the rocks into the air I fell into the darkness of unconsciousness. It didn’t take the snakes long to slither along and eat my body in the water. Hellion and I both respawned on the boat to find another snake had joined the first two. Hellion sat on top of our boat shooting arrows at the snakes till two of them died. The last one slithered up under our boat and was fighting with a few megalodons. I had no problem with them duking it out under there, as long as I didn’t become their next interest. Hellion and I made our way back across the rocks in search of our packs. We both found them pretty easily then quickly made our way back to the boat again.
We quickly boarded the boat and set sail back for our temporary home where our sister and other brother were waiting to join up with us. It didn’t take us long to find my sister Unknown. She was walking along the beach hunting dodos for meat. She makes a good scavenger. All you ever have to do for her is give her a goal. She’ll make sure you get what you need in bulk. Another quick hug of the Y wheel and the family was almost complete. She took off down the beach in search of her husband, Trohl. It didn’t take her long to find him. They’re drawn to each other like magnets. Another hug with the Y wheel and we were complete. It was nice to have our entire family here together. We all set off on our own separate tasks. Unknown and Trohl farming hide, meat, and mats near by while Thomas and I prepared to set off on a boat again.
I took a moment to finish up my short project for myself. I sat down with the freshly made scissors that Hellion made for me and the hair dye I crafted together with berries and things. I clipped the hair our of my eyes and quickly died my hair red. I then went to the cooking pot and soaked my clothes in it and quickly colored my clothes the way I like them. I ran back into the house to change into my fresh new look of lightly green clothes and shockingly bright red hair.
As we unloaded our boat some then restocked up on food and things the king and our neighbor came by for a visit. This was the first time we’d met our neighbor Kane in Kong Navy. He was nice, I was beginning to like it here in the blue kingdom. The king admired the color of my hair and I offered to do his hair as well while he was here. He was happy to accept and he sat and joked with our neighbor Kane while I clipped and dyed his hair and beard blue to match his kingdom. Once done he admired his new look and thanked me. I quietly excused myself to go back to my boat preparations and left King Richie, Kane and Hellion in conversation. I was beginning to get comfortable in the blue kingdom, the king was nice and kept the area pretty safe for us. Moving would be a little hard after meeting nice people.
After a time the king and Kane left and Hellion and I set sail looking for pteranadons. We needed some with better levels. We sailed along the beach looking when one caught my eye. It was a 135 male that was walking around on a small island. I jumped off to bola it so we could tame it and it took off into the sky. It flew with leasure around over our boat in the water. This pteranadon did not want to fly over land. Hellion and I joked about the pteranadon trolling us because he didn’t want to be tamed. Eventually though he flew over the land and I jumped off the boat and tossed a bola at it. It took me two bolas but I got him out of the sky and didn’t feel bad at all when I shot the first arrow into his face. I then moved to the other side of him and shot one more and told him, “Night night!” He looked at me with stubborness in his eyes but I knew he couldn’t withstand those two shots. I gave a little giggle and waved at him as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he went down. I could hear my sister looking along the beach for a phiomia, which we call Fwomp Fwomps, to tame to help care for our plants. Hellion gave the pteranadon a few pieces of kibble and we waited a few minutes for him to wake up. Once he woke up we placed a pretty red saddle on his back and named him Trollololol. Hellion and I had a good laugh about that name then we continued to look around for a female. We stopped off at an island to do a little hunting when we caught eye of a trike. I took a deep sigh and told Hellion it would be smart to bring one home. He helped me put the trike down and I sat with him while Hellion looked for a female pteranadon. He found one and tamed it and both tames got done around the same time. We crafted together another saddle for the new pteranadon and one for the trike. I gathered berries to bring home with the trike while Hellion put together another raft for him to ride on behind our boat.
We were sailing off for home when I looked towards the shore and saw a Fwomp Fwomp walking down the beach. I quickly turned off and bolad the pig to tame for my sister since she was unsuccessful in finding one. We tamed it and loaded it up on the raft and headed back home. I was tired after our long day out and was looking forward to resting. Hellion wasn’t quiet ready to rest so he stayed up and messed around on the boats while I laid down. I thought back over the day and drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

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