Day 392 – School, improv and A Series of Unfortunate Events

Thursday, March 23rd 2017

Today was a good one.

I started off with psychology. My teammate and I forgave ourselves before the class if we didn’t do a lot of work, since she had other work to do and we were both exhausted. Since I didn’t have anything else to do, I let myself read more and more articles to get the most precise information we could get for our paper. When there was twenty minutes left to the class however, I just messed around on my phone and read Megg’s parts in our book. I realised I never read them fully and was surprised I didn’t yet, so I jumped on it. I like them a lot.

I had French and we corrected some chapters.

At lunch I sat alone for a bit, while Kohai was a table away getting help from a friend about some work and not eating immediately, since I was borrowing her fork, because I forgot mine, so she was waiting for me to be done, then my close friend came along. We talked about school, and I told her a dream I had about Poe, the banker from A Series of Unfortunate Events, where he was screaming, yelling and rolling around on the floor. We broke into tears of laughter at the thought of it. Have you ever seen those animation videos where someone takes a character and just swings them around while their arms and legs flailed? Yeah. That was basically it.

I had art and we continued our watercolour paintings. I might not have used at least two techniques, if not, oops. I tried to, but ended up giving me another effect that I prefer anyway.

I finished with English. Our teacher took us to an improv event and we were the voters and people who would determine who goes into the finals. The yellow team was doing very good, until the blue team came along and since they were on a winning streak for finals, the yellows seemed to get a bit intimidated. Though they were still funny, and there’s one guy on the blue team just filled with sass. He would snap his fingers left and right… It was even better when he participated in one where the subject was called “Oh my god, Becky”.

At home I watched YouTube since I was exhausted, ate, moderated the server and had quite an annoying player that the owner delt with better than I did (they said that the owner saying Asian restaurants usually have black tea is racist, when it’s just cuisine/culture, and kept swearing), then took a shower before watching Supernatural and A Series of Unfortunate Events. My gosh does Poe annoy the heck out of me. Anyone who watches would agree. But of course, despite being the villain, I don’t hate Count Olaf. He’s a psychopath, and I always love the psychopathic characters, he’s hilarious, and played by Neil Patrick Harris. You’d think that because he’s stupid, (Olaf, not NPH), he doesn’t even know what’s left and right (literally; he demonstrates that in an episode), that it’d be a deal breaker, since the psychopaths I like, are usually very intelligent. However, I’m letting Count Olaf pass, because he’s fairly clever in his schemes, and his stupidness at everything else is just funny.

That’s all for today.

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