Done with shitty people

My problem is giving way too many chances to people who do not deserve them.  It’s madness on my behalf.  I always expect a different result, I believe that they will live to their promises.  Then when they let me down I am torn to pieces.

I am so hard on myself, I punish myself for their unreliability. When people don’t treat me with respect I feel as though I am the one with the defect.  Not worthy of being treated well.

I can let it eat away at me, feel sorry for myself.  Play the victim and get mad at those who hurt me by letting me down.

Or I can simply not tolerate it. I can live my life and stop putting my life on hold for people who always disappoint me.  I can let them know that I deserve to be treated with respect and walk away.

This is my life and I need to surround myself with positive people who care about me.  I treat people the way I expect to be treated.  If people do not return this respect then they simply do not deserve to be in my life.

Excuses are no longer good enough. People should not make promises they cannot keep. I am done with shitty people.

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