Entry #2

““Hennie,” she whispered, “they burnt you black as tar.” Henrietta just nodded and said, “Lord, it just feels like that blackness be spreadin all inside me.”” pg.48

Im shocked with these descriptions of cancer. Although everybody knows that cancer is terrible, I’d never heard such graphic and detailed descriptions of what it feel like and how it is. The treatments that Henrietta is receiving sound terrible, and it makes me wonder how other patients were treated at this time. The doctors seem to have a very nonchalant attitude towards Henrietta, would they have cared that her skin was burning up had she been white? 

I like this quote because of the language. I see now how Skloot integrates the language that the people in the book use and I love what it does for the book. It makes us as reader’s feel like we know the character’s and it gives the text more levels. I also love that she uses quotes as titles for each chapter.

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