Friday March 24th

I went to school for only one class today. They have a 1/2 day because they are having parent conferences in the afternoon. I went to Chick Fil A after I left and had breakfast because it’s right there, and then I walked on down to PNC and closed my account there. I walked to Grand Central Station because it was right there and I haven’t been there in like 12 years. I took the train home from there. Now I’m home. I straightened out my Paypal account- got the new bank added and the old one removed. Now what? I guess I could ship those pants back that I bought on eBay. I think I will go to Jack Demsey’s tonight for the UK game. It doesn’t start until 9:40, though. I hope I can stay awake. I am super frustrated with my job situation. I hate not getting paid. No shit, right? At least I have the money to pay my bills if I need to- I don’t want to, but I could pay them if I have to. I have got to get a side hustle lined up. I need to work on that today.

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