You make me so fucking angry.  You make me question if I’m good enough. I was there for you–I was always there for you! When no-one else was. When even your family didn’t want you & sent you away. I listened to your problems, even tho I secretly had enough my own. I put all of my energy and then some into making our relationship work. I actually cared about someone other than myself for once.Then one day you just left. No signs as to why. You blocked me on everything–stopped talking to me–avoided me. You made me feel as if I did something wrong. I spent everyday for over a month wondering what I did wrong. Then when you decided it was confident for you, you came back into my life. I told you how unfair it was of you to do that to me. You told me you were sorry and that you never should of lead me on. I was still pissed. It wasn’t even that you lead me on–It was because I genuinely thought that we had become friends and one day you just ended it. I could tell you were sorry but what you did was horrible. Do you know what it feels like to just have someone who you cared about just drop you? With no explanation. You told me that I did nothing wrong and that you were just being a asshole. Little did you know that I could never stay mad at you. I don’t know why–I really wanted to be made at you and make you feel the way I felt–but I just couldn’t. We slowly became friends again and I trusted you again. I should’ve known that you’d disappoint. Why would I have anything good in my life? You lead me on again–and then again. I should’ve known better. I don’t know why but I always give you so many chances. Like you aren’t anything special. you’re just a boy. I don’t know why I care so much–You always hurt me. In our relationship You are the only one who has something to gain and nothing to lose. You’re just a stupid boy and I’m a blinded girl.

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