even tho I am sad 97% of the time, I still have moments of happiness. Here are some things that bring 2017 me, joy.

The smell after it rains

Being on a boat late at night/early in the morning

Hearing Steven’s quirky laugh

The way someone looks at you right after they tell a joke and are looking for your acceptance

When someone chooses you to be their partner without you asking

Waking up naturally on time without an alarm

Getting a good grade on a test you thought you failed

Making new friends

The feeling of ripping the tags off of new clothing

Coming home and seeing a package delivered

Finding money in pockets 

Having more $ in your account than you thought

Making someone else smile

When other  people write me stories

Finally understanding what is being taught

Seeing a beautiful overlook

The smell of fresh paint

The 507 Country Store

Having a fully charged phone

Photoshoots with friends

Spontaneous messages from old friends

Fun hiking spots

Driving with the music blasting and the windows down



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