Lack of sleep

It’s occurred to me that during my time of getting some help and starting on antidepressants,  I haven’t been sleeping so well. Actually, it’s been so bad that I was pleased to wake up one night due to cramps in my leg because at least I was awake for a reason. No matter how tired I feel, it takes so long to shut my body and mind down to actually get to sleep. Then I wake between 3 and 8 times a night for no reason at all until my alarm goes off in the morning and I wake up exhausted.

I have thought about going to the gp again and asking about sleeping pills but I’m not sure I want to be taking those along with the antidepressants. I’m notreally sure as to what I can do to help myself on this 1 but I long for a deep and restful nights sleep.

I have been consuming large quantities of caffeine in every form it comes in and still I can be found yawning by mid afternoon.

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  1. if youre not already I would try getting a good workout in at some point before bed. Really try to fatigue your body and get your heart rate over 100bpm.

  2. Good sleep goes hand in hand with mental health. My daughter’s psychiatrist prescribed her with a sleeping pill (trazodone) in addition to her antidepressants pills. We were also told to follow a bedtime schedule to help her wind down.

    Also some antidepressants have a sedative-like effect. I am not sure what time of day you take yours, but taking them at night might help you get a better night’s sleep.

    Worse comes to worse there is always melatonin.


  3. Ai take my antidepressant at night as was warned it may cause drowsiness and don’t want to risk it with working full time.

    Thanks for both replies though.

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