London attack

23 March 2017

Yesterday, around midday, I was in the lounge area of one of the hotels in London waiting to meet my colleague for lunch. I had ordered a fruity tea which I was enjoying quite a bit as I’d never tried it’s like before. As I sat there, in this comfortable sofa-like chair, I could see the large television on the periphery of my vision but I didn’t take notice immediately. When some of the people working there along with some residents started gathering around the tv I wondered what all the fuss was about.

There it was, on the news channel, written clearly as the ¬†presenter ¬†delivered the news ‘man shot dead’ and ‘suspected terror attack’.

Nefarious people hatching diabolical plans for such heinous reasons that can only come out of purely iniquitous minds so treacherous to not only the faith that they profess to follow and represent but to the human species as a whole.

What kind of a demented mind could plough their car through innocent bystanders and then plunge a knife in to a police officers chest?

I find it hard to accept that such an individual can be in full possession of all their mental faculties. But unfortunately, sometimes, human beings can be cruel, cruel creatures. I’m just so very glad that the capacity for humans to do, be, and believe in good, generally outweighs the darker side of our nature.

Prayers for the fallen.

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