Spring Vibes

What a lovely Spring it has been today – or rather not so much. This morning, I awoke to dark clouds and a lot of rain. Not so much that it was torrential but not so little that it was a light shower either. I would not say that where I live has ‘extreme’ weather, it just changes day to day, so quickly too. Take yesterday for example – it started out bright, sunny and clear skies (that sounds really cliche, but it was really like that) until about midday where the rain was basically heavy and the same as this morning.

Thankfully, I work indoors, unlike some of my colleagues who run outdoor sessions. When I see it raining, I always think of some lyrics; ‘there’s something about the way, the street looks when it just rained, theres a glow on the pavement…’ Ever since I heard these lyrics i now associate them with every rain shower, heavy or light. But it sounds crazy, but the smell of the rain is one of my favourites; its fresh. I also find that when it rains you get different kinds of people; those with their tiny coats and no umbrella, those with a massive coat and hood zipped up so that you can only see their eyes – similar to how an eskimo would where theirs, those that are battling the wind with big or small umbrellas. Although, it is quite sad to see broken and deserted umbrellas – upturned and left on the pavement. 

Then you see the people who do not dress for the weather at all. Like the lady who was next to me on the train on my way into work – knee high boots, but with a short skirt and blouse on, no coat or jumper. She was obviously cold because you could see the goosebumps on her legs. Not that I was looking at her legs but I happened to glance out of the corner of my eye. Crazy lady – but heyho each to their own. 

Hopefully we will see some better weather approach us at some point. Here is hoping for a good summer!

For now, 

Love Lily x

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