Up All Night

It was a pretty good day, and it was a pretty good night. I got some work done, I actually feel a little accomplished. It’s now 5:16 a.m. I’m going to retire for a couple of hours before I get back up and go back at it again. I could really use some Tea but the house is quiet and I’m not going to disturb, even though everyone is gonna be getting up soon anyway.
Yep that’s me, I retire when everyone else is awaking. I find Peace at night, it’s quiet and No one is up to bother me. I can do my thing without anyone saying otherwise. Just letting the music play in the back round, adding more excitement to my thoughts. These all nighters are nothing to me. My motto Nighttime My time Day Time Sleep Time. But Come on who has time for sleep these days. I feel like sleeping just gets rid of valuable time you could of been using to get things done instead of wasting it away in sleep land. Don’t get me wrong I do love to sleep, but I like to do things before I do. I have to sleep because If I don’t, No dreams, No dreams means no stories, no stories means no more story time from me. People seem to really love to hear my dreams and different events that happened in my Life. So I’m gonna start sharing it. I’ve always wondered what I should write about well i’ve found it.
Well it’s time for me to go to sleep for an hour or two before I start this back up again. Goodnight World.!

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