Fuck Emotions

To be honest right now I’m just done with emotions. I’m sick of them always getting in the way of things. I’m not just gonna sit here like I used to and let my emotions control me, I’m not gonna be sitting around and sleeping all day just because I feel some type of way, hell no. Where is that gonna get me, No where! I refuse to let myself fall back down into this never ending train of emotions, I’m digging myself up I’m not gonna let me or anyone push me back in. 

I’m gonna have to keep my distance from certain people I know will only hurt me in the end, even If they don’t realize what their doing. I can be to fucking fragile. I refuse to be like this forever. But it’s also my fault because I put myself in these situations most of the time. It’s time that I opened my eyes and realized that now is not the time. It is not the time to be over come by emotions over come by people. It’s time to rise to the occasion, It’s time to change and be better. 

Question is. Will I Open my eyes in time, or will I open my eyes when it’s too late. 

2 thoughts on “Fuck Emotions”

  1. From everything you just said your eyes are open and you know what to look out for. Some people can get into trouble when they see something they want and realize they cant have it. Its easy to distort reality to fit a desire. Just be honest with yourself and you will be ok.

  2. Tanis Thank you for that comment, it helps a lot.

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