I am Keeping a handwritten Psychic Journal

For the past 6  years since my dad passing, i have been very open with my psychic abilities and im  now discover something new each and every day. So far I wrote 10 pages and mostly was about my channeling process with my Pendulum and dowsing chart,  eventually, i will add my tarot,  oracles, photo readings and my Precognition dreams too . 

The past couple days my channeling session has been  very emotional,  I  had conversations with my dad, Jesus, and God !!!  Crazy right?   They all  been very supportive of me further developed my gifts and delivered some message to the rest of my family,  mostly my mother.  I was told, I’m  a nature healer and I am making it a goal to become  one. 

God say I am doing  great and keep doing  what i am doing !!!  In the end, i  take that i have his permission to open myself to the spirits and those who need help. Don’t worry i am well protected if  I  see evil spirits I will rebuke it in the name of Jesus Christ !!!  Plus I  keep myself grounded  and protected by the white light and the help of my Higher self, spirit guides, Spirit animals, and Angels. 

 You could say this is one of my true life purposes and hopefully, everything will fall in place because I know its part of Gods plans. 


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