Was at work today and got horrible back pains.  Took 3 ibuprophen but it didn’t ease up.  When I looked down I felt woosy and dizzy.  Then I coughed.  This cough has been going on for weeks or lets say way way over a month.  But this time when I coughed I got the most horrendous pain in my left temple.  I called the doctor to get some pain pills and when I told them the systems they told me to get to the ER immediately.  My husband took me to the ER where the staff was waiting for me.  They plopped me in a wheelchair put a mask on me and after quickly getting a bracelet they took me into the first room.  Vitals were high, they accessed my port and took blood, got a chest xray and ct scan of my brain.  On the hospital ride for the scan we set off the fire alarm both times going and coming.  Diagnosis acute bronchitis and back pain.  Script z pack and inhaler and schedule appointment with pcp and no work for next two days.  Work Monday and off Tuesday for new chemo.  After that I don’t know.  It’s always something.  

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