Preparing for the weekend

This weekend is going to be a very busy one for me. After 10 frigging days I finally have a day off. Unfortunately it won’t be the kind of weekend where I can hang out in my sweatpants and watch crime shows all day. Snooch’s chorus group is singing at a local festival. I am allowing her to bring a friend who use to live in our town, but recently moved away. After that the kids will all be at our house for a sleepover. Tomorrow I am taking them to see the new Power Ranger’s movie.

Sleepovers are more work than they are worth. Of course I would say that because it is playing host to your kid’s friends and basically running along behind them cleaning up after them. Not to mention they will probably hog the good tv AND the livingroom. I would just hang out in my room and read or something, but I feel the need to be especially vigilant when I’m watching some one else’s child. It is only right. Hoshi Akari won’t be here. She is spending the weekend at her Grandpa’s house. 

I barely worked out today. Work is running me ragged. In hind sight I wish I had just sucked it up. I probably could have snuck 15 minutes in some where. So I did about 15 minutes worth of exercises today. I did some planks, squat thrusts, and crunches. I should have done more. I sort of feel guilty for slacking. I let myself down. I should double my work out time tomorrow to make up for it.

Hoshi Akari dyed Snooch’s hair red tonight. Snooch was born a red head, but her hair has been a light brown since she was 2. I can’t wait to see it when we get up tomorrow. 

It’s been almost a week now since we started cutting her night time dose of risperdal in half. I have not seen a difference in her mood wise. She has not mentioned hearing any voices again. I really, really hope weaning her off the risperdal works. If we have to go back on it, I can accept that. The thing is though, this medication has so many side effects that Snooch hates. She gained so much weight in such a small amount of time.

Its starting to get very, very late. I should get some sleep.

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