Saturday, March 25th

Today I am going to do better. I am going to get out and walk my miles this morning and I’m not going to sit on the couch all day. I am not going to watch TV all day. I am going to be active and do things to take care of myself- like exercise and drink water. Many times when my kids were little and I had a husband and a house to take care of, I said that college girls that were fat really had no excuse since all they had to do was take care of themselves. Now I am in that same situation. I have no one to take care of but myself. I have to make myself my job- my priority. When I look better, I feel better. I hate being fat. I really do. I have to do something about it. The food is the hard part because I don’t like anything that is good for me. I have got to figure out something I can eat. If my DOE job gets lined out, I will have a great place to work. 

I am going to keep trying. I am not going to give up. Right now, I still have hope that things will/can work out for me. I need to keep trying until I am out of money and out of options. 

Later, that same day…

I have gotten in my 10K steps and it’s 2:38. I walked a little less than 4 miles this morning. I cleaned the apartment really well when I got back. I have finished 2 16 oz glasses of water, and I’m working on my third. Jesus. There is really no excuse for not drinking water. How hard is that? I just have to be mindful of it and make myself do it. I’m hungry right now, but I’m not going to eat. I just have to get out of the habit of eating all the time. At 5, I will have something and that will be it for the day. 

I was thinking something that I should start doing is one thing each day in each category: 1. good for my body, 2. good for my brain 3. good for my wellbeing. I know I have the TV on way too much, but it helps with the loneliness. When it’s quiet, I feel so much more alone. 

One thought on “Saturday, March 25th”

  1. great attitude! Have you thought of joining a meetup group? There are some clubs that go on walks and some that go hiking. On the food front I would say just start cooking stuff. Buy olive oil, salt and some spices and find some fresh vegetables. From there just throw in something to make it hearty- eggs, meat or tomato sauce. drop the starch- potato, rice, everything nice and all the grains. no bread, no bread, no bread. its hard but its the only way. Drink lots of bone broth. You can mix it with chicken or beef broth to make it tolerable and mix in some carrots and celery. That can be enough on some days to satisfy you. Then one day a week dont eat anything except a little broth and maybe some crackers. after about 7 weeks you should notice a big difference. Stay active. Hang in there. xo

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