This is me.

I haven’t wrote on a online journal like this since Open Diary…which was like 11 years ago when I was a freshman in high school! Good times, but it was all drama back then haha.
I’ve decided to, hopefully, get back into the online journal writing. I write in my own journal as well, but I always preferred typing more than actually hand writing. 
A little about myself to start with. 
At this moment I am 27. Will be 28 in July and I’m getting a little nervous about hitting 30. I’m married and still childless, which I am okay with. I am very much into the Pagan/Wiccan beliefs. I love the craft and the magick that comes with it. 
I am a HUGE animal lover. I have 9 cats, at the moment, and a dog. Trust me. I know it’s a lot. It was just five cats, but the vet neglected to tell me that males can get females pregnant after being neutered for up to three weeks after being fixed. So I have four beautiful four week old kittens. 
I have been diagnosed severe depression and anxiety. I’m an introvert so that doesn’t help things either. I’m a writer of…well a journal and of short stories or fan fictions. It helps.
I suppose that is really all I can think of at the moment.  Feel free to read my boring life lol

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