wandering. never landing anywhere

I dont know what to share. I feel like nothing I have to say is worthwhile. I have things im suffering but I dont like bringing them up. Crazy how my mind works. I like to read your posts and I try to be supportive and I have a lot to say sometime about a problem you may have. But when it comes to my own issues I just dont want to talk about it. I know this is unhealthy. I live in a distorted view of reality. Its the only way I have survived. People who are smart notice it and just leave me be. No one asks me whats wrong because I just act like im feeling ok. The few times I have ever had the coursge to start complaining of my situation there has always been someone there to say Im pitying myself and then treat me like im my own problem. This life is so confusing. Everyone is either in pain like I am or is someone who thinks people in pain are weak and the cause of their own suffering. I will keep wandering until I find someone who can understand.

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