258.4 – Down .6

I slept for a solid 10 hours last night and I feel *amazing* today. That 3.5 mile walk yesterday kicked my butt! My core, lower back, legs, and butt all hurt- I am so out of shape, LOL, but hey, it’s a start. I felt good after the walk and feel *really* good today, and I’m sure the exercise helped me sleep like a baby. I think this is my body’s way of telling me that it’s time to incorporate walking, stretching, and strength training into my regular day, and I am happy to oblige.

I’ve been doing chores and dancing all morning despite feeling sore, and I’m headed out to play with the kids in the family and see my future brother-in-law with my husband and my sister. We’ll head to D&B’s for some arcade game fun and lunch, and then we all come home. I’m sure my husband will be showing my future BIL his new fancy shmancy VR gaming system, and they’ll be playing that sucker ’til it’s time to go to bed,

Working on reading ‘Sugar Nation’ right now. I had started reading it several months ago, but the author’s clear and total disdain for people who are overweight shined through clear as day and totally turned my interest off. I only picked it back up again since I wanted to add it to my repertoire of LC books I’ve read and to see if there’s anything new I can glean from it. So far, it’s kind of the same info I already know, plus the author’s low-brow jabs at fat people every once in a while. Seeing as how I’m over halfway through it, I’m going to keep plowing through it.

B: Warrior coffee
L: Something meaty at D&B’s. I think they have a steak there I like. If not, I’ll go with a bunless burger with mayo, avocado, and bacon
D: Honey’s makin’ ribs! Yum

Take a gauge:
Feeling: Rested, sore, and happy
Hunger: None
Environment: The house is so clean and the washer is going. Kitties are playing, hubs is gaming
Emotions: Still stressed about work, trying to keep it on the backburner
Moving Forward: Going to have a fun day

Have an awesome OP day, all

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