Found out that my sister had read almost all of the messages on my phone, well, her phone, but it used to be my phone. I had forgotten to delete the messages. Some of those that I stumbled upon while I was deleting were: “Oh my God! I just got back from the doctor and i have a infection DOWN THERE!!!!you think mum’s gonna find out??” and “Is that you? I hope it is. Your name in my phone is ‘Not Sure'”. The second one was from that boy that I was fond of. Speaking of text messages, I have finally discovered who the creepy person sending me things like: “I know you saw this message. We don’t have to be BFF. Just pleas unblock me on mesenger?!?!?!?!!!!?????!” was. It was my sister’s friend who thought this was her number. Im such a nul that I can’t even have a stalker/secret admirer for myself. I had actually searched all of Facebook and even googled the number. I was scared and confused. I had even been through my block list on Facebook a couple of times.

Anyway, Grandpa came round at 4. He is alive. I made him coffee and actually had a proper conversation with him. For the first time in my life I enjoyed talking to him. We talked about China, and America, and our economy, politics, employment, and terrible, scary things like that. Later I went to wash my hair. I braided it. I played the piano a little bit. I have decided to start practicing again. It’s not that hard. Studied Physics, sort of. Finished Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years. Showered listening to Don’t You (Forget About Me).


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