Block button on goodnightjournal?

I use goodnightjournal as an outlet of my thoughts.  Venting allows me to relive some of the build up of emotion.  

What I write is messy, dramatic and yes often sound as though I’m moaning.  BUT that is why I am writing it on here.  It helps to free me of negativity.  

I love it when others post positive encouraging comments under my posts.  I really appreciate people taking the time to show they care.  

However there has been some really nasty comments under some of my posts.  I cannot comprehend why another human being would spend time tearing another person apart.  Why would anyone want someone else to feel bad about themselves?  

This person writing vile comments under my posts is a stranger, he/she does not know me.  

Can anyone advise me if there is a block button? So that I can prevent this individual from writing further comments



3 thoughts on “Block button on goodnightjournal?”

  1. It only works if this person comments again in your post, then click on their comments in ” More Options ” area, next click on the “Blacklist” link you should be able to add and block them from commenting your future post.

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