Chapter 3: Beyond My Wildest Dreams

The air was heavy with an ominous thickness when I awoke. I stepped foot out of my temporary home to look around. There was something wrong, I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I started to move resources from my home. Today was the day Hellion and I decided was going to be moving day. I looked to the left of my home where King Richie’s dragon sun bathed. I would miss this island. King Richie is a good king and he is very kind. I pushed these thoughts aside and continued my task of moving around the resources. Slowly I moved thing after thing to the boat that we were using to make our voyage to the Red Wooded Forest. I’ve heard of a temple in that forest for the god. I looked forward to finding this temple and see if it was a place of peace for me. I had big plans for my tree house once we made it there. I wanted to open a shop. I have many many recipes that I know how to cook. My plan was to open a shop to sell my food. I couldn’t wait to show off my recipe for Arkake. It was my absolute favorite, delicious moist yellow cake with chocolate icing. It would be a little while before I could sell these though. I had to hone my skills first.
I was so lost in my own thoughts I didn’t notice that I was being watched. The great dragon that I’d never seen before stepped out of the tree line. I froze knowing that the only people allowed to have dragons were the kings, and this was not King Richie. The man atop the dragon looked at my humble little home. I blushed when I looked at it as well. As a joke my brother and I made the house look like a checker board. Stone wall, wooden wall, stone wall, wooden wall. We thought it was humorous and never fixed it since we weren’t planning on staying.
The man dismounted his dragon and tossed him a raw meat chunk; the dragon caught it in the air and gulped it down without chewing. He made a content growling noise in the back of his throat as he laid down to watch his master. I took a deep breath and turned back from the dragon to look at the man. I’ve heard of the other kings of the land from King Richie. There was King Bio, who ruled the harsh red kingdom of fire. Then there was King Zach, the king of the Jade Spider. I wondered which of the two kings stood before me. The man looked at me intensely then back at the dragon. He spoke to it. “This is the one,” he said. I was suddenly puzzled. As far as I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong to cause one of the kings to come after me. My heart dropped thinking that maybe I angered them in some way. Just when I was assuming the worse the man held out his hand to shake mine.
“Hello. My name is Johnny Madness,” he said.
My eyes grew wide and I looked at the ground and offered a curtsy. This was the god of this land. He lifted my chin to look at him and smiled and said, “I’ve been looking for you, little one.” I was still to shocked to form a reply. Why was the god looking for me?!
“Are you enjoying my lands?” he started off in polite conversation.
He didn’t seem as terrifying as the tales made him sound. I finally found my voice and answered, “Very much so your greatness. Your land is vast and my brother and I were planning on doing some exploring today.”
He looked over to my little boat, “I see that. You seem to be preparing to make a great journey. Where are yall heading?”
“we were heading off for No Man’s Land towards the great Red Wooded Forest. I’ve heard of large trees in the area that you can build comfortable homes in.”
“Ah. I see. You have a profession in mind for yourself then?”
“Yes Sir. It will take some time to get settled. But I’d like to offer you some of my cakes once I have the ability to make some.”
“I see,” he said. He looked lost in thought for a moment. “I have another plan for you though.”
I was stunned for a moment and I waited for him to continue. He sat upon the grass outside my door and offered me to sit with him. I offered him some nearby chairs, but he politely refused, so I took a seat near him. “King Zach has disappeared.”
It took me a moment to let that sink in. The king of the Jade palace is missing? What would that mean for the kingdom? He ran his hand through his hair as if he had something difficult to say and was trying to find the words. “I have been watching you and your family for the last few days here in the land of the Blue Ape. Has King Richie been kind to you?”
“Yes Sir. Very. He set us up with tools to work with and made sure we were secure and safe. He checks in on us often to see how we’re doing.”
“That’s good. I aim to have great Kings in my land.”
“You’ve chosen well Sir,” I replied. As an after thought I asked, “Are you sending a searching party out to look for King Zach.”
He shook his head, “No. I’m not. I’m here to replace him.”
“What can my family and I do to help Sir?” I asked, still puzzled as to why he needed to find me.
“I want you to think on this for a moment,” he said looking at me with intent in his eyes. “Your family has done great work in the few days you’ve been here. I’m in need of a ruler of the Jade Palace. I want you to be the Queen of the kingdom, if you’re so willing to take over the land and it’s subjects. It is a harsh land in the cold and is hard to survive, but I believe you and your family will be able to make the land able for others to live.” I sat there shocked as I let that request sink in. “I know it’s a lot to ask, but I believe you and your family can do it.” He stood and offered me his hand. I took it and he helped me to my feet and I brushed the grass from my clothes. He reached into his pack and offered me the wolf crown of the green kingdom. I looked at it for a moment, knowing that it was a large task. I thought of my family and our current plans to visit the red woods. “If you take this crown you’ll have to get used to the cold. And there are many wolves and dangers to face there.”
Still stunned I reached out and took the crown from his hands. He smiled. “There. I knew you’d be the perfect one to offer it to. I want to introduce you to you’re new kingdom. Please, take these clothes to help you against the harsh cold.” He gave me thick fur clothes and a very sturdy apprentice brand cross bow. “Once you’ve collected your thoughts please meet me at your new kingdom.” He turned me towards the winter mountains and pointed, “You’ll fly that way and you’ll see the kingdom around the green tower. It’s small and needs work, but the kingdom and general store are in need of tending, please don’t take too long.”­ He swiftly mounted his dragon and took to the sky in the direction he pointed me.
I looked back to my home to see my brother standing in the doorway. He was staring at me in shock looking at the crown in my hands. Quickly we both ran to put some things away and rushed to the birds we had to make our way north. We talked of what had just transpired and as a second thought he gave me the faster bird and decided to start loading the boat with the few tames we possessed. He promised to meet me at our new home and I took off quickly to meet Johnny Madness to receive the keys to the kingdom.
I could tell I was getting close as I flew close to the floating island because the temperature dropped significantly. As the kingdom came into focus I could see several packs of wolves roaming around just outside the walls. I started devising a plan to push them back a little bit further. I landed right on the obelisk where Sir Johnny Madness was waiting for me. With one quick hug of the Y wheel he handed me over the kingdom and everything in it. I followed closely behind him as he showed me around the kingdom and the general store. He then introduced me to King Zach’s only remaining knight, Noakai Ah.
Noakai Ah gave me a quick bow and said, “I know you don’t know me, but I was a Knight of King Zach’s. I know my way around the kingdom and I would be willing to help you out if you keep me on as your knight. If you already have knights picked out then I’ll happily stay in your kingdom to live and build.” This stranger offering his allegiance to me overwhelmed me. I told him that until we could whip the kingdom back into shape he was welcome to stay and that the position could be more permanent.
Sir Johnny then introduced me to my personal mount. A poorly neglected dragon. I walked up to the creature and it shrunk away from me. The poor thing was hungry. It made me wonder how long King Zach had been away before Johnny Madness searched for someone to replace him. I went to my bird and offered the dragon a few pieces of meat from it’s pack. The dragon ate them and allowed me to pet him. He reminded me of a dragon I once saw in my dreams. The dream of a scorched earth, and a Colonel in black and red clothes mounted on a beautiful green dragon. I knew not where the dream came from, but it stuck with me. I named the dragon after the one the man rode in my dreams.
When Venom allowed me to mount him we flew off to the old home we had. My brother was having some issues getting all the animals on the boat. I decided that I would carry as many as I could to help him out. I swooped in with Venom and scooped up Bam Bam 2.0, the ank he was fighting with to get onto the boat. I carried him off to our new home then turned back to retrieve some more tames to help. It was as I turned I heard my brother cry out in frustration. I started to fly back as fast as I can when flashes of red appeared. All the dodos and dilos fell off the boat and were instantly swarmed by sharks. Dear brother was turning to jump in the water to save them, but I begged him to only save himself. We could deal with out them, but I couldn’t loose my brother. A tear slid down my cheek as Fred the Borus fell. He was the last of them. I finally reached my brother and we made our way through the treacherous swamp to our new kingdom. By the time we made it there we were already tired and sore. We unloaded the boat and carried it all into the general store. We shut the general store down temporarily till we could rearrange the stock. I parked Venom atop of the castle and promised him we’d go for a ride when I awoke. It didn’t take us long to fall asleep tonight, we were so exhausted from the move and we were still in shock of what befell upon us. This would take a little getting used to, I thought as I drifted off to sleep in my new home.

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