Day 26 – 30 Days of Scripture Genesis 12:1-4 Deuteronomy 11:1-5

Today’s Scriptures teach Obedience Without Question.  Interesting reading and not as harsh as the last few days.  

Today was my mom’s birthday. We went to mass and then a family brunch.  I don’t feel overwhelmed or emotional on my parent’s  birthday dates. It’s just not me. So today, I enjoyed the readings and thought about my mom and how she truly believed God was always taking care of her, guiding her and providing for her.  She did obey God’s teachings and would rarely, if ever, question her religion.  If God said it, the bible wrote it and the priest taught it, it was the Word and meant to be followed. She was strong in her faith. 

I, of course, have a ton of questions and things I don’t understand and need to know more about to accept them, but today, for my mom’s memory, I accept the Scriptures and honour the teachings.

Love you mom. ❤


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