FIRST TIME. About Danielle Landry

Hi everyone. I am going to get ALL ABOUT ME in a second. Firstly, I thought I would let everyone know, I love to write. I do not write as an author. I think of random things that I think the world, or maybe just a few people, should consider and I write it. In my bio, you see that I put I used to bring really long statuses on Facebook so I looked further into something that would be more interesting to me. I must say, I think I am overly smart. Not smart enough to write a book, yet smart enough to teach a few lessons. I am using thing primarily for personal reasons. My “paragraphs” can be VERY boring, very useful, very disrespectfulor just not useful at all. This is the beginning of MY LIFE.


Time: 2:51 a.m.

Name: Danielle Landry

Headline: First Day

I am a 35 year old single mother of two beautiful daughters. As of today, they are aged 15 and 4. Without them, where would I be? At the moment, my mother is living with me but we are expected for big changes to come soon. Days have been very stressful around here. My baby should be starting school next year.. Oh that’s so exciting. She says she is scared. I’m going to cry being the emotional wreck that I am. My 15 year old is virtual schooling, which she does at home on a computer every day. She is the most intelligent person that I know. I don’t feel like writing now so I’m going to get back to everyone later:)

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