insecurities= poison

why do i let me insecurities control my thoughts? why do i have them? i have the most amazing husband and how bad do my thoughts poison our marriage? thoughts like he doesn’t love u like u think.. he wishes he hadnt married you… he thinks about being with other woman… he is bored with you..hed be happier with somebody else. you are a failure. you arent ever gonna have ur shit together. you are lazy. you have no purpose. everybody talks bad ab u. ppl think u are annoying. you arent as good at hair as u think. ur wasting ur time on religion. u arent a good friend. u arent capable of being a good friend. you are screwing up ur children…. all these horrible thoughts that swirl around in my head.. and i let them control me. why? when am i going to say enough is enough?!? when i try to tell myself u are worthy u are enough… i immediately come back with, im just saying that to try and make myself feel better.. bc its not true… maybe if i say it enough it will come true? what causes these feelings?
God, why do I have these feelings? please reveal to me where there are coming from. please shed light on why i have these. i know this is where i should say and speak truth to the lies.. but are they lies? i dont know. God its exhausting and i need you. i need ur help

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