king for a day.

I have a 1500-word essay to finish by tomorrow. Whoop.

It’s great. That should be about five pages, double-spaced. I only have one right now, and it’s utter shite.

I wish I could be king for a day. Kellin and Vic sound great together. I want to scream with them.

Why, why, why. Everything is happening now. I’m really going to die by the end of this week. I can’t imagine what I’ll look like next year, taking so many AP classes with no free periods. I could change my schedule and get a study hall or something, but what would be the point? I’m an over-achiever and I’m not proud of it but my life’s purpose is to be extra, at least school-wise. Also, I have no other talents, so I need those nice classes on my college applications to make myself seem better than I actually am.

I really just want to die. Fitting how I’m writing the paper about mental health when I can’t even guarantee that I’m completely mentally stable.


Man, some people are so rude. People are rude. It’s terrifying how many people are as self-obsessed, judgmental and ignorant as that horrible cash me outside girl. It’s interesting how the meanest people are the ones with the worst spelling and grammar. I can’t count how many people with horrible spelling skills and horrible personalities I’ve met. Why? It seems like the bigger the dickhead is, the worse the spelling gets. I guess that’s one side-effect of being super real and edgy: not knowing how to spell. They always fukking wrrite lik this!!11! lool lmaoooo1! and think they’re sooo fcking real as fuckng shit!111!1 just bc they fking use thhe word fucking to f*ing much and their just keepin it reallllll as fuuuuuck loooooolllllll!!!1! (insert a variety of the worst emojis like that 100 and the cry-laugh)

I spend too much time on the Internet. Thank god real people can’t talk like that. They come close, though. I meet people like this all the time in school. They’re not even stupid; they’ve transcended simple stupidity; they’re just narcissistic as hell. They’re even less self-aware than your typical rock. They keep saying things like they don’t give a fuck about what other people say and they’re just keeping it real and if you get offended just suck it, but then if they get insulted in any way, even if they deserve it and started it, they’ll turn into hurt shocked wounded divas, and they’ll feel like they have to reaffirm their realness by restating the fact that they’re better than all of ya’ll and they don’t give a fuck and nothing you say will ever affect them, even though it’s obviously affected them so much that they feel the need to screech about it. Their egos are so fragile that they have to puff themselves up all the damn time to feel legit because they literally don’t have actual personalities.

Cash me outside girl makes me so upset that I literally want to smash my phone every time she turns up in my Instagram feed. “I’m richer than all of you pheasants“. Jesus.

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