march 26, 2016.

i meant to write about friday, but i started and then began to hate the tone of the writing i was doing. does that happen to anyone else? my writing voice is like my alter ego. it’s often more eloquent than i am in real life, but it also feels like i’m putting on a stage play. it’s more flowery and less authentic than i feel i am in person. i think it’s why i stopped writing fiction all those years ago.

anyway, friday was great. when we moved from california to texas a few years ago, we decided to take the smallest uhaul possible and then give away everything that wouldn’t fit. my mom had a lot of ethan allen furniture that she bought when we came over from australia (yes, a house of ethan allen she bought with only $75k to her name – my mom’s not great with money and neither am i). ethan allen furniture is huge and expensive, but it was the former of these two things that won out and so we sold all that we could and moved to texas with the intent to replace it all with furniture from ikea. which is metaphoric as fuck, honestly, in terms of how our life has gone. but i digress.

on friday, my mom talked me into going into her favorite thrift store. it’s an awesome thrift store, if very dated – there are no video games or trendy clothes to be found here, mostly tchotchkes and bakeware and old furniture. but it’s NICE tchotchkes, bakeware and old furniture. and the prices, y’all!! my mom found an ethan allen entertainment unit for a hundred and fifty dollars – these things go for over 3k. it was also payday, so my mom was ELATED since she could actually buy it. and buy it she did.

i was so thrilled for her. it’s very odd. my mom puts a lot of value into certain material things… not in a way that i think is particularly bad or wrong. she has always craved a home of nice quality items and beautiful things. and for the past few years she’s had to give up her old lifestyle and settle for something more practical. now it feels like she has a little piece back of her old life that she can love and be very proud of. i don’t know how more to explain it. it almost feels like a step forward, in an odd way. like fate is kind of turning around for her in a positive way.

it’s an armoire, i get that. but my mom puts a lot of emotion and meaning into her home. so it’s an armoire, but it’s a meaningful armoire. and now it’s hers.

it’ll be delivered in a couple of days and i really can’t wait to doll it up and move all of our devices and movies into it. the storage in it is fantastic and our collection’s going to be so much more tidy now. i’m beyond excited.

also on friday afternoon, we had a friend over. her name is lyndoria and she’s probably my mom’s best friend. they work together at ikea, so she’s my former coworker as well, and she is LOVELY. i can’t even begin to tell you. my mom and i are pretty reclusive and spend as much time as we can at home, together. so we don’t host people often, but the other afternoon was so incredibly nice. before she came we went to walmart and bought some h’ors d’oeuvres and made the house look nice. and she came over and we just talked. linney was actually sociable and came and sat with us, and i talked to lyndoria’s daughter on the phone for a bit, and we talked about ikea and the patty labelle concert lyndoria went to and all kinds of other things. it was lovely.

hm, what else? oh. i got my period. any cisgendered guys reading this, sorry. i haven’t had my period in MONTHS. i’m talking like… since before november. it’s awful. i have PCOS so it’s kind of a hit or miss thing, but i finally got it and it’s such a relief. not getting your period for months can be bad since the uterine lining clogs up and it can actually create cancer cells. so yeah, not a fun time. i am convinced i got it because i started properly taking my vitamins this month. it’s amazing how something so easily overlooked can be so important and life-changing.

also, i got some new makeup! the new wet n wild foundation, concealer and powder. i love trying new things and these are really good so far, if a bit heavy for me. i have a light-medium sheer foundation and a tinted moisturizer type product, so i felt it wouldn’t hurt to have something high coverage to have on hand as well. i do love how a perfectly matte base can make the rest of your makeup look TIGHT, though. very instagram-y, but it also brings everything together in such a nice way. kind of the mascara or false lashes of the face, hah.

okay, i do believe i’ll end it there. i shall try to update sooner next time!

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