The Spiritual Battle Of All Times: You Should Read This And Decide

As I watch the daily news each day, it becomes more and more clear to me that we are in a crucial moment.  The election of Donald Trump as President of The United States has brought to the forefront a political civil war battle in Washington.  As I watch how the main stream media chooses to present and report their news to the world, it astonishes me how most of the reporters are subjective to what they are reporting.  For some time now I’ve felt that some kind of sinister force has been around us for a long time. I’ve decided to do some research in order to understand more the intense civil war battle that is currently taking place in Washington.  I want to make clear that I am not a conspiracy theorist; if you are reading this please do so with an open mind. My hope is that this would inspire anyone who reads this to start conducting their own research and become aware of what’s really going on in the world.  I’m still conducting research and trying to disseminate what is truth and what is false, so that I can prepare myself and my family for what’s to come.  So far this is what I’ve been able to piece together:

  • The Illumanti, Santanism, Freemasons, Knight Templar, and the Vatican Roman Catholic Church are somehow all inter-related with influencing/manipulating people into making choices that ultimately consist of keeping the “Elitist” (rich and powerful) in power at all cost-this ultimately means selling your soul to the devil
  • From what I have been able to piece together, the research indicates that the Illuminati control almost all aspect of worldwide transactions-business & politics, including several Religious Group, thus giving false assumption that there are two main political parties, reportedly there is only one party-the elite who rule and manipulate both democratic and republican parties
  • Billionaires, Influential Business Leaders, Hollywood Celebrities, Politicians, Main Stream Media, Presidents Are All Part of The Illuminati; symbolic hand signals like making a pyramid with your hands would indicate that this person may be part of the Illuminati Group (observe that many of the Hollywood celebrities make the pyramid symbol in public and at some point in their career you will see the pyramid symbol use for one of their projects)
  • Vatican-Roman Catholic Church Also part of The Illuminati-Alleged Reports indicate that Pope Benedict was force to resign under the Obama Administration so that Pope Francis Can Be instated as the Pope to continue to cover up Illumanti Agenda which mainly consist of Globalization
  • The Pizza-gate Scandal all is connected to the Illuminati-Clinton Foundation which is a big front to run this operation for human trafficking of Children, for satanic rituals and sexual abuse of children
  • Several prophets predicted Donald Trump becoming President of the United States i.e. Kim Clement, Mark Taylor, their prophesies indicate that God has decided to intervene, he choice Donald Trump and has decided to “anoint him” in order for him to begin to destroy the globalist/elitist agenda and bring foreword to light and expose to the world all the corruption and perverse abuse that has been going on for many years.
  • Whether you want to believe it or not their seems to be a “Shadow Government” or “Deep State” that has been working in the background clandestinely-this mainly consist of the intelligence & military operates: CIA, FBI, NSA, Black Ops i.e.
  • Allegedly over the years their has been a growing division between the intelligence community and military operates which has cause the division of two groups: “White Hats vs. Black Hats” This clandestine battle can best be define as the “Elitists/Globalist vs. Patriotic/Nationalism”
  • To understand the intensity of this clandestine battle that is currently happening within the “deep state” community you have to consider the following: reportedly over the years, (especially during the 9/11 attack against NY) several ex Black Ops & Military Operates began to make connections to what the political leaders were doing when using the military to carry out missions, they realize that the purpose of missions involved self-interest to gain land, take over territories for producing/transporting drugs and then even leading to human trafficking including of children.  These kinds of nefarious interactions began to become more obvious under the Bush Sr. Administration and allegedly carried on to the Clinton Administration, Bush Jr. Administration & even more obvious under the Obama Administration
  • Reportedly, the “White Hats operates” in the “deep state community” have consciously decided to bring the fight to the forefront based on the increasingly sinister and perverse behavior of the “Elitist” including an overwhelmingly increase of child abuse under the Obama Administration.
  • Individuals like Assange and Snowden are examples of the “White Hats” inside the “deep state” their goal is to expose these corrupt politician and world leader to their perverse and unethical behaviors that has been going on for many years.

In doing this research, I started with the basis of understanding root of the civil war battle taking place in Washington today.  One of the information that I found alarming is that since Trump became the President over 1, 500 arrests have been made relating to pedophiles. That’s a lot of pedophiles arrest between the period of approximately 3 months. This is one example of how the main stream media fails to report relevant information to the public.  My research brought to the forefront that the real battle taking place at an increasingly tense level is the fight of all ages “Good Vs. Evil.” 

My perspective of how I view the world has change. I knew that there was evil in this world.  What I did not comprehend until now was how deep and worldwide the evil forces have been operating. How in a perverse manner, these “elites”/individuals have carried out their sinister behavior in most cases in plain sight and we have been blind to understand and piece together all the facts of these nefarious activities.

Regardless of your religious or spiritual believes, it saddens me that so many people have consciously decided to choose evil, to purse the globalist agenda, to be selfish and ruthless in order to become rich, to maintain power at all cost-even if that means engaging in nefarious abusive activities and selling your soul to the devil.  

It has been a mind blowing experience in piecing the information so far together.  I know that if you read this it sounds so far fetched, sensationalized, a conspiracy theory.  To be honest, I don’t know what to believe yet.  I just begun the research.  This is my attempt to try to decipher of whats taking place in our world today.  I welcome you to keep an open mind and start doing your own research, don’t believe at face value what the main stream media reports on a daily basis, question everything-remember that knowledge is power.

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