Journal Escape

Just joined GNJ today and I must say it appears as if it’s going to be alot of fun. Different journals I may read reminds me of different cable channels. You can choose to subscribe or not to. I prefer the journals that doesn’t consist of a bunch of foul language just to make a point. Reading the journals of other gives me a chance to escape from my own reality. That pretty much explains why I’m a movie fanatic. I love to emerse myself in the stories of others. I have enough heartache going on. So no need to keep focusing on my own calamities. So I’m looking forward to reading different journals. Looking forward to learning somethings, crying and or laughing. It’s got to be someone out there with either the same problems and or bigger ones.


One thought on “Journal Escape”

  1. ROQKNKEY, Welcome to GNJ. I like your comparison that this is like subscribing to different cable channels. It’s a good analogy. I started this GNJ experience about a month ago- I find that it really has helped me articulate my feelings and thoughts. If you want check out my posts. Good Luck!

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