Nothing Exciting

So, the past few days were nothing less than dull, but I’ve always found being around those kittens my Baby had to make my day so much brighter.  Animals in general make my day better, but those little love bugs running to me the second they see me makes me feel so wanted and needed. I love those little buggers. It makes me so upset thinking about giving them away in about four weeks.

It not only bothers me because I’m emotionally attached, which I very much am, but it’s because of all the horror stories I see on facebook or hear from people about using them for dog bait in dog fights.  Which a lot of peoples animals are going missing for that reason. But people want them and then when they are older or they can’t deal with them they just dump them off in the country, which is how I obtained three of my five adult cats, or it’s some sickos that go looking for free cats or adopt from shelters just to kill them. (That last one was recently on the news around my area) I just don’t find myself trusting anyone unless it’s people I know they know they can trust, but people interested are people I have no idea who they are and if I had a larger house other than a trailer, I would keep them. 
Enough of that…. It bothers me, but what can I do… I need to just enjoy the time I have with them and hopefully their lives will be filled with love<3

I have a friend, that may or may not be starting a blog here, but she has one of her own on her own website, if anyone would like to see it. She’s very much into helping boost the female self esteem and talk about issues.  Link:

Like I’ve stated before, My life is quite boring. I mean yeah, you got to make it happen to have a exciting and busy life. Yeah, you gotta go past the depression and anxiety to get out of the funk, but it’s very hard just to get past that funk or even get out of bed for that matter. Maybe once my Husband gets pretty steady at his job, then we can start going on trips and doing some more exciting things with our life and get our house remodeled so it’s not an embarrassment, but I guess if I actually could get my ass up and clean it wouldn’t be so bad, but that shit takes me forever and I work so much overtime at work these days that I can’t get up out of bed to do that unless I get a sudden burst of energy to tidy up slightly. 

Anyways. I’m hoping you all are doing well. Remember everyone is fighting a battle that you may not understand. Everyone is worth your time and everything will be alright<3

3 thoughts on “Nothing Exciting”

  1. Your kittens are so cute. I’ve heard about the whole “bait dog” thing as well and it disturbs me. We have dogs that go missing in my area as well. The thought of someone stealing my puppy to use as bait for fighting makes me so upset that even though we have a run set up for him, he is never allowed outside alone.

    Hope you get some free time to enjoy soon.

  2. THE KITTIES!!!!! I would have an impossible time parting with those little fluffers, but hopefully, you can find some genuinely nice people that will love them!

  3. Thank you both! I love them all and my other five adult cats❤ I would die if something happened to them.
    I already am having a hard time as two people are interested in the two Tabby’s. I don’t know either person and it’s really upsetting to be giving them away to people I have no idea what they will do with them.
    But I’m spending as much time with them as I can and it hurts more as I do spend time with them, but they are too irresistible

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