Sometimes i wonder

Sometimes i wonder what things would be like if i never met you. Sometimes i wonder how you would feel if i never gave you the time of day. I also wonder why things happen the way they do, because if you really cared for me you would care about my feelings to. There’s nothing better than having someone you can be yourself with. Someone who loves & cares for you & who is never selfish. You are everything i want in a man in one. Of course there are a few things we need to work on. But I’d rather spend my life with you , & a lot of times i have doubts , & I hate when we argue & our relationship goes south. In this moment in time i want to be completely honest . I don’t like that your too controlling & sometimes mean. But i have a deep wanting to feel comforted, held & treated like a queen. I know i can be too in my emotions. I’m a pisces what do you expect. I’ve had days where ive wanted to give up. Because i felt like i was letting time fly by & i was still stuck. Stuck with a man who didn’t really care from the start. & stuck with a man that didn’t care anyway. I want someone who i can enjoy life with, & a bestfriend.I still don’t know if i have to continue waiting or if i found him…  

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