Got my period. Thank God I’m not pregnant. Not that I have touched a person of the opposite sex in a year (almost exactly), let alone been having sex, but – thank God!

Also, no day is more appropriate to say how much I hate P. E. than this one. I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I can get interested in Physics, even in Chemistry, I can even make myself to like and show interest for Maths, but for this. . . No. Never. I just can’t. And no matter how many times I write or say that I CANNOT endure the torment of Physical Education, it won’t help how I feel. But I just despise the class. The way my bun falls apart every time I start running, the way the floor always has something bloody sticky on it, the way our teacher scrutinises us  if we wear any pants that aren’t black leggings, and, most of all, how the boys’ volleyball is constantly flying in the air, just waiting to land on my face. It’s potential embarrassment.

The result I got on my English/World Literature exam was bloody abysmal. 50%. The teacher was, clearly, disappointed. Will she tell Kelly about this?

At 4 pm, Brandon texted, “Day one without meat – successful”. It hadn’t even been one day. I wonder how long this nonsense is going to last.

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