A day off of work, Finally.

Though I have to report that I did nothing all day except sleep beside my husband while he tried to get as much sleep for his first night at work.  Got up at 5 and made him dinner and then spent some time with him and the kittens before he went to work at 7:20pm.

 I really don’t like him not being home at night. I’m not use to it.  Yeah I’m off of work tonight, as I work nigh shifts as well, but when I’m home I”m expecting to be with him all night. Bugs me since we live in the country and I’ve always had that weird fear of some random person showing up at my door and I’m by myself and it’s like a horror movie. I mean, I’m sure I would be fine as we own like 12 guns and have a very good amount of ammo for each, especially my 22 rifle.

Yeah, I shouldn’t own a gun if I’m depressed but I haven’t used it or planned on it when I was in a suicidal stage.  I always told my husband and he locked the safe and kept the key. Shit. Now that I think of it, he has the key to the safe lol wait… the pistol is in the night stand so that’s at least a little comforting. 

Anyways…So, now that he’s not here and I have already cleaned up a majority of the house and did laundry and did whatever dishes I could do before the hot water ran out, I have no idea what to do. I mean I am SnapChatting a friend of mine while she is at work, but I don’t have anything really that will keep me awake until Nathan comes home from work.

I am almost wishing I would have bought some hair dye and changed my hair again.  I’ve been wanting a change in my hair for awhile and a new style but I’ve wanted my long hair for such a long time and now that I have it, dying it is huge maintenance to keep up because my normal hair color is a lighter brown and I have dyed it red for years, but quit over the winter due to having to recolor every other month. I loved it, but it was a lot of work and I want to style my hair, but I’m not that creative with looks or makeup. I wish I could do the stuff I see in tutorials on YouTube, but nahhhh I’m low maintenance lol

Anyways, I’m almost wanting to ask what some people would like to know about me or whatever because I’m not exactly that organized to remember what I should include about myself in bios lmao.

Have a wonderful day, you lovely people.

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