Day 28 – 30 Days of Scripture John 14:12-17 14:23-24 Ezekiel 5:7-8

Obedience Matters….the teaching of the Scripture today.  I don’t like the word obedience, but my religion certainly pushes it on most levels. 

The reading also teaches if you are obedient to his Word, you will be rewarded with his grace and protection. 

I feel a lot of the Scriptures this month taught relatively the same lesson.  It makes me wonder, is the rest of the bible as harsh?  I admit I was hoping for more feel good readings, more “everyone goes to heaven” and less “not everyone is getting in”.  

Do I want to keep reading the bible?  I haven’t decided yet.  I am looking forward to April and a new theme.  Maybe with a break I’ll be ready to come back to the bible and God’s teachings.



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