Day 396 – Crime and rapping

Monday, March 27th 2017

Today was good.

I started with art. We began painting our portraits. I messed up at some point, but managed to fix it and make it slightly better.

I had English next. We continued reading Lord of The Flies and looked at a few documentaries about juneviles given sentences as adults for crimes like murder. Funny, since we’re doing crime in psychology, so it’ll help me a bit in that class. She wants us to give our opinion on it.

At lunch I joined Kohai in a computer room, talked, and worked a bit on my English homework.

I went to psychology and we continued taking notes. We were talking about how we put people in categories just by looking at them, and so we did with some given faces and it was fun to see how mostly everyone picked the same person as a nerd, a potential psychopath, a business man, a dad, etc. One of the faces my friend picked as a dad, because he looked like my dad, even though that’s not the case at all. But I see my dad every day compared to her, so makes sense that she’d think that.

I finished with French. There was a fight in the stairway, but Kohai told me I shouldn’t pay attention and the teacher was taking care of it anyway, but I was a bit curious, though I resisted.

I continued reading and answered some questions before talking to Kohai about dreams and on our way to the bus. I was telling her that I did something cringy in my dream; I was with a group of people who were singing about how love is gross and awful as we were walking down a path and then a sidewalk. I disagreed, so I pushed through the group so I was in front, walked backwards in front of them, and with my arms open I said “You don’t know anything about love!” Then I started rapping about how love is a good thing. In the moment I felt amazing and they were impressed, saying “We sang a song, but she made one, on the spot!” But then I woke up and I realised how stereotypical it was, like a musical romance (as Kohai said) and how it was cringy. Though I must admit, I was rhyming on every line and I kept the same amount of syllables on each of them, and I only mumbled a couple of words while thinking, so it wasn’t totally bad.

At home I moderated the server, ate, did my English homework, then moderated some more until I went downstairs to watch an episode of Supernatural.

That’s all for today.

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  1. You should’ve wrote down the lyrics as soon as you woke up, that would’ve been awesome if you could have performed that rap on stage IRL 🙂

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