Entry #3

“Deborah believed Henrietta’s spirit lived on in her cells, controlling the life of anyone who crossed its path. Including me.” pg.7

Note: This quote is from the beginning of the book but Im much farther along.

 From what I’ve read so far, the Lacks’s believe strongly in the supernatural. They explain everything away with God and spirits. This quote stands out to me because it raises an additional question to the ethics of taking Henrietta’s cells. Despite the fact that the cells were taken without her or her family’s consent, the family is clearly uncomfortable with their existence. To what extent should this matter? Personally, and like Deborah, I would be uncomfortable with my mother’s spirit remaining alive forever, looming in earth. Knowing that this isn’t true however, and with the amount of things that the cells have helped developed, there is almost no level of discomfort from the family that would stop researchers from using it. This only makes sense but there is definitely something wrong. The family should be given more attention and explanations.

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