In Search of The Truth: Check Out The Following Alternative Sites

Recent Update as of: February 16, 2018 (Deleted “Rise Together” Site)

Update as of: November 8, 2017

(1st post was on March 28, 2017)

As a follow up to my last post regarding “The Spiritual Battle,” I wanted to list some of the sites that I have began to look at in order to compare information and contrast against what the main stream media reports on a daily basis.  I’ve decided to post this for anyone who reads this and decides to look into it further, my main goal is to find what the truth is: the list is as follow:

    1. Martin Brodel:
    2. George Webb:
    3. Destroying The Illusion:
    4. Amicus Humani Generis:
    5. Judicial Watch:
    6. Freedom Watch:

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