Poetry Contest

Hey everybody!  Did you wonder if I died or something?  I have just been extremely busy trying to get my stories and poems together to enter various contests.  It is driving me crazy.  But suppose I win one?  That would be so awesome!  BTW  I did get my refund back on the weight-loss product. Thanks be to God!  That was going to be over $100 and probably didn’t even work.  My weight problem is Pop-Tarts.  That simple!  I am only a little overweight, but I need to be careful.  Well, I’m just babbling here.  Things are going well.  I have the best family on the planet.  And God….He is just Awesome, totally!  I know I am loved even though I’ve blundered so much in my life.  I feel totally loved and I am.  Talk to you later!

2 thoughts on “Poetry Contest”

  1. The poptarts are my downfall too – especially the hot fudge sunday flavored ones. Can you post some of your poems on here? I would love to read them!

    I’m a little over weight too… It is so tempting to try a diet pill or something along those lines. In the end I rather my kids see me lose the weight the healthy way and that means changing my bad habits and being more active. The weather is so nice this month? Are you and your husband able to go on walks (I know he has some health issues).

    Anyways… great to hear from you!

  2. Thank you, Goddess. Yes the weather is beautiful. My hubby is mostly at home or we go to the grocery together. But he’s doing really well I think. Thank you for asking, for caring! Hugs!

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