enough about school, let’s rant.

Tomorrow I can wake up at ten if I want to because I don’t have to leave for school until around 12: 20. Freshmen are taking their EOC tests tomorrow in the morning. I was supposed to take an English practice exam that I signed up for, but my friend told me it wasn’t worth it because the exams won’t even be properly scored. What’s the point in taking it if I won’t even see what I could’ve gotten on it?

Unfortunately, I still have to take the physics exam on Thursday. It’s going to be for a grade. Sigh.


Enough of school. This Monday has sucked and I don’t want to complain about it anymore. I want to rant. Let’s rant about creepy people and continue our convo about trolls from yesterday yay! Here we go:


I keep encountering the creepiest people everywhere. I have a LiveJournal (which is pretty much useless; getting it seemed like a good idea at the time, but I hate how it looks and everyone on there is a weird adult) and the other day I got a notification that some random dude had “friended” me. Naturally, I went to check out his blog and see what he posted about so I could decide whether or not to friend him back, but I was immediately grossed out. He’s an adult, obviously–and he posts about walking around naked in his neighborhood, and getting boners in front of girls. Everything he writes is either about him walking around naked, or just very short, single-sentence things like “Today is Friday” or “Today I did this”. He doesn’t say that he physically touches or harasses people, which is a relief, but the very idea of some creepy-ass dude walking around naked at night and getting turned on by girls seeing him has me like sTOP THA T.

The worst part? He had a picture of himself completely naked at the very top of his journal feed. Fuck that. Y’know, I’m going to be VERY careful about what kind of user accounts I look at in the future because people are disgusting.

Moral of the story: Don’t go on LiveJournal unless you want to be found by the creepiest people on the internet.

Why do people have to be so disturbing? Websites like LiveJournal seem like such a good idea, because if you’re socially awkward in real life, you think about making new friends that you can read about daily, and blogging seems like a great way to do that. But then these sad sad people just… they just ruin everything.

By comparison, GNJ is much much safer. It has a lot of those annoying spam ads all the time, but it’s much less likely to encounter genuinely disgusting/disturbing adult content here, unless you click one post, and then you can just close the tab, because you won’t have to see any other posts on one page. Yeah, GNJ has had its share of horrible close-minded, dick-headed people *cough* aka narcissistic trolls *cough* but it’s much safer. Really. I’ve been on and off the site almost since its beginning, and there have been some rude-ass people, but thankfully, they always disappear after awhile, probably because, as I said yesterday, rude people tend to have horrible writing skills, and people like that obviously don’t have the attention spans or vocabularies needed to write for long periods of time.

Speaking of rude people: I have more to say about them. Honestly, the only people who have to constantly remind the world that they “don’t care” or “don’t give a fuck” are the ones who actually DO care and DO give many, many fucks. If you didn’t care about my opinion toward you, then you would completely ignore me. If, for instance, I say I don’t care that other people consider me a bitch, then when other people call me out for being a cunt, I’ll just slide on my shades Mariah style, toss my hair Nicki style, wink Rihanna style, and smile at the camera in tranquil silence because I genuinely don’t care that ya’ll think I’m a hoe and haters are always gonna hate, suck it bitches. But if I say I don’t care that other people consider me a bitch, and then turn around and defend my petty bitchy insensitive comments because OBVIOUSLY everyone else is butthurt and I’m just expressing my opinion and everyone can go suck a dick lmaoooo, well then, I’m a Fucking Fake Loser™ who can dish but can’t take, and I’m only pretending to be Real and Edgy by being unnecessarily rude to strangers just so I can prove to the world that I actually have a personality and I’m not just a sad empty husk of a troll with no self-esteem.

Rude people in real life have loud mouths. Rude people on the internet have… well… they don’t actually have anything really because they’re so empty and shallow that they have to be childishly cruel to other people on the internet to make themselves feel better–but they have too much time on their hands. Also, they think their shitty opinions actually matter. By “shitty” opinions, I mean “judgmental, vindictive, and harmful” opinions. They’re pathetic bullies, is what I’m saying here. Since when has being “real” included being malicious and ignorant?

The funniest thing about trolls (in both real life and on the internet) is that they’re extremely sensitive. They’re the most sensitive people alive. They will mock others for being ugly, having weird voices, being “retarded”, being gay, being trans, being fat, having mental disorders, being religious, being “annoying”, being “psycho”, being “slutty”, being “prudes”, being “snowflakes”, being “sjw’s” (which isn’t an insult btw), being feminists (still not an insult), and, ironically enough, for being SENSITIVE. They always use words like “retarded”, “faggot”, “gay”, “feminist”, “psycho”, and “fat” as insults, and then garnish their comments or threads with those disgusting emojis and things like truuuuuuu and lmaoooooooo…

(And let’s not forget that they all have the shittiest grammar!)

–But if they’re insulted in any way, or told off in even the nicest tones, they’re going to BREATHE REALLY HEAVY, and start BANGING DOWN ON THEIR KEYBOARDS. Oh boy. You better watch out when they’re angry. They’re going to be so angry that they start using even more lmaoooo ur gayyyyy and fuck u u r retarded-type sentences, and they’ll desperately reiterate the fact that they’re just keeping it real, and they dgaf about what all of us psycho ugly cunts think about them, because DO NOT FORGET that they’re the realllllllll shit and also lmaooooooo y are u triggered bro??!!1? bc im just speaking the truth an telling it like it is and its not my problem that ur psychotic and idc if u think im a troll because thats what i am and if you think i am then so be it because i am to real for u lolllllllll triggereddddd u r all retards!!!211!


Yeah. Yeah. I know. I’m mean. I’m being mean. I’m being mean to the trolls. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be so mean. It’s just, they’re just, they have so much MATERIAL to go off of, they’re basically gold for rants. You could rant about these people from now into the next century.


*Breath in* Okay, rant over. It’s almost ten. I’ve spent so long writing this. I feel very refreshed, though. I like screaming into the void about horrible people. It’s soothing.

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