Another meditation

I went and did another meditation today during my lunch break. I traveled down a long winding path on the side of a mountain and a river. I kept going until there was an archway where the path continued. But then there was another path going into the mountain. I decided to go into the mountain, where I followed a road colored pitch black with only a torch to see what was 10 ft in front of me. I walk this road for some time until I reach the inside of the mountain. There are three paths I can take. One goes straight, one left, and the other right. I was going to go down the left side when something flashed from the right side. I decided to go that way. I ended up further inside the mountain where it opened into a giant cavern, huge and open with floating staircases going up into another cavern. It is poorly lit in here, but there is a faint glow coming from the top of the staircase, and I find someone else, looking like he was in a trance, walking into the light. These beings though looked much like the elves from LOTR. They wore a valkyrie like crown with wings on the side and in blue-grey robes. These beings were at the very top of a long staircase, but I decided to climb it. I climbed up this long staircase that floated in the middle of the mountain. This thing should not be able to support me, but alas it does. I reach the top of the staircase to find more caverns, but smaller and with the sunshine crawling through the openings on the side like windows. Almost immediately, I morph into something that looks like one of these beings. I even get one of those crowns. And the tattoos that I had gathered from previous meditations appeared on my skin. For reference, they are simple lines mostly, but form curls in different places. I have two on each collar bone that curl at the end when it hits my shoulder. Then I have more that appear on my forehead in a similar fashion. Curled at my temples and arc between my eyes. My hair is immediately quite long and the robes longer. I make my way through this shining cavern and spot a deep, blue pool nestled inside another alcove. It’s large enough to fit several people, but I’m the only one here. I get the incredible urge to go and swim. So I disrobe to find my genderless body float around in this deep blue water. But as I swim, I realize that there is something hiding deep below that is calling me. I want to summon it, but don’t know how. Another voice shows up and says, trust yourself and your words. I go, but I don’t know the words. It replies, just say what comes to mind. I start repeating some phrases and these tendrils of energy come out of my hands and flow deep, deep into the water. I feel like I am pulling something upwards, but find it difficult. Suddenly, a purple and mauve striped cat human appears and comes into the pool. It starts to help me with its own tendrils to drag out what was lying beneath. The water becomes lighter, turning into white as an energy comes to the surface. The tendrils that i have suddenly are filled with light as it flows through me. This cat human then gets out of the pool as I feel this energy flowing in me. We have a conversation about it, saying this is the you that you have been searching for. Just listen to it. Hear it sing to you.
I look at the cat-human and ask its name. It simply replies, Nii-san, which means older brother in Japanese. He then goes on to tell me that the supply I see here is unlimited, but my physical body limits how much I can take. Too much in a body that’s unready would not be wise. He says you can take as much as you want, but be careful you don’t overexert. I will try to heed his warning. 
He turned back from a humanoid into a cat with a human face. It looks cartoony almost. But we explore the caverns more, where I hear chanting coming from another place high above us. I ask Nii-san if we can go, and he says sure. So we climb the stairs and find a congregation of these elf folk chanting an ethereal song. I try to be respectful, but something is calling me to the alter. I ask Nii-san if I can go. He looks unsure but timidly answers sure. Just be respectful. They all appear to be in this trance as I approach, but right as I get to it, I lose all focus and am transported to several different thoughts that crash the entire scene. 
I somehow manage to regain focus and come back. I guess I had made a mistake. But we leave this place and look out a window. Nii-san mentions something about flying, and my wings come out again. This time, they are more tawny than normal. There is not as much white to them as usual. But I take hold of Nii-san and ask if he wants to go flying with me. He smiles brightly and says sure. So I hold his little cat body in my arms, and I jump out the window. 
Thunderbird shows up as I am going at jet speed through the air. It’s as if Thunderbird is egging me on a little. 
Side Note: I met Thunderbird in another meditation where I flew with him through the skies. He doesn’t talk to me, we just fly. I try to ask him questions, but he never responds. 
I try to keep up with Thunderbird, who looks like a raven that’s ten times larger than any bird known to man. He has a rainbow feather in his tail that leaves colored trails behind him. I try to keep up with Nii-san in my arms. We shoot up into the sky, then dive bomb back down into the earth. I can barely keep up going at such high speeds, but I’m close behind Thunderbird during this whole thing. I really want to keep flying with him, because then maybe he’ll finally speak to me, but nothing. I land in a meadow and I let Nii-san down. I ask him if he can make it back without me. I can take him back to the mountain, but he says he’s fine. That it’s okay to go. And so I return to this world to find that my sage is almost spent, despite it being almost a full handful. Maybe I needed to go flying again. Thunderbird, Nii-san, we will meet again. 

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