Let’s start with something cliche:

Time flies. Indeed, it does. Again and again, a lot has happened already before I have enough time and energy to write them all down here.

I guess that’s how this life always works. Just like one of my travelling friends used to say: “You can’t possibly see everything.” It’s true, we can’t have it all. No matter how thorough you’d like to be, you still miss things.

We’re only human, after all. What else is new?

A group of moms here have exposed an FB group of child predators and reported them to the local authority. Way to go, moms! Who says women can’t do shit?

Suicide rate is going sky high, unfortunately. Recently, a local guy posted a live video of him committing suicide. It had gone viral for a while before FB took it down.

His reason? After being jobless for a very long time, shame had eaten him up from the inside for not being able to provide for his family anymore. He had never opened up to his wife and kids.

And society can only play the blaming game when it comes to this. Be a man. Man up! Toxic masculinity, presented by patriarchy…as always.

I know this is not cheerful news, but what else can I do? It’s what’s been going on lately.

April’s coming soon. The second round of governor election is on the 19th, the same as my sister’s birthday. This is going to be more interesting, especially since the bitch-fest between two opposing sides are still on, filling the social media timeline. It hurts my eyes more than I want it too.

Career wise, I still feel kind of stuck. I still haven’t decided between going back to working full-time or staying right where I am now – only working harder. The content-writing agency is back in business and I’ve just got another load.

I’ve also submitted my synopsis for a web-mini series someone asked me to write. If they like it, then I’ll be writing short film scripts throughout April, since it’ll be made to go viral in May. Twenty-four episodes.

If it is successful, they might be giving me more.

Oh, don’t bother ask me about my love life. It’s back to being nonexistent. Still too skeptical to let love in after Lev. Maybe next time.

Gigi’s moved to Semarang with Froggy and their Baby Chachang. She doesn’t know yet how long they’ll be staying there. Froggy’s first son (from his first marriage) is in need of a lot of attention now.

I finally got to hang out with Farida and her new boyfriend Michael. He’s 48, nice and handsome. He’s a single dad from Germany. Quiet and calm, he seems to be very mature and patient too.

I waited until Farida left to go to the ladies’ room that night, just to tell him this:

“Thank you.”

“Thank me for what?” He looked surprised. Obviously, he didn’t expect that.

“She’s been through a lot.” I turned my gaze at my friend’s disappearing back in the crowd. He followed my gaze and nodded in agreement.

“Yep, she’s been through a lot.” No more needed to be said. We both shared the same knowledge and understanding. It had been very hard for her when Robbie passed away, one and a half years ago.

Thankfully, she pulled through.

“I was waiting for this,” I added honestly, “and I did. I had to make sure that she knows nothing of this.”

“Of course.” Michael nodded and smiled warmly. I could swear that his eyes softened at the thought of her. (Or perhaps I’m just still a romantic at heart.)

“So, thank you.” I offered my hand and he shook it. We exchanged quick smiles before my friend finally returned.

I wish both of them the best. I know love when I see it and that’s what they both share.

Well, that’s what has been going around me these days…


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