Big Changes for V

After a bit of an absence, I happened to run into my good friend, V. He explained that I hadn’t heard from him in a while because he was getting set for the necessary big step in the evolution of his career. He’s moving across the country, literally, from one coast to the other. 

At first, he was disappointed in his circumstances, at least, I recall him being so when he initially told me about it a few months ago. However, as the news set in and he began going through all the necessary logistics and licensing for the transition, he started to accept it. At this point, I’d even say he’s starting to get excited about it. He’s always found excitement in living in new and unfamiliar places. He did it for college, he did it while IN college, and a couple of times after graduation. Even of the last year, he was in a different city in a different state just about every month. If it wasn’t for the constant temporariness of each location, he’d have enjoyed it even more.

He told me, thought, it’s not all excitement ahead for him, but also a heaping helping of apprehension. He’s excited for the new city and new friends he’ll make there, but he’s terrified of the job. V is about to become a doctor. While it’s not the most prestigious program, let alone any you’d ever heard of, it’s still as intense as medical training can be (and it is; wouldn’t you want it to be?).

What if he’s not smart enough? Or not tough enough? Or just not able to handle it at all? There’s no going back. Failure is not an option; I think that’s the part that scares him the most. Everything so far had some kind of system built in if he didn’t get it, some kind of remediation, a second chance. I’m not saying it was ever a goal or even a viable end point for him, but there’s a bit of security knowing there was a safety net, should the worst case scenario ever come up. Now he doesn’t have that (at least, he doesn’t think so).

It’s do or die, and he’s too young for the latter.

For V’s sake, I hope it works.

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