Catch up

So i haven’t wrote a journel in so long …… and probably no one is reading this…. but if there is someone then let me catch you up to today. When i last reported on here i was going through relationship problems. Well… I had my daughter back in August so that makes two children i currently take care of. The father of the children a.k.a My husband neat me three weeks after she was born. ( i barely got out alive….). just to think if it wasn’t for my children I would have probably stayed and let him kill me cause he made me believe i was worthless. I had bruises everywhere he even pulled a knife on our newborn daughter. Our son watched everything and he is only 1.  Well he went to prison for another reason. He hasn’t been charged with the domestic violence like i believe he should have yet. When he got out of prison I go the PFA (protection from abuse ) order. He been on drugs since then and went back to jail. Now lets jump back to september. I got in contact with an old friend that I had a crush on 10 yrs ago. I told him what i went through cause he asked and he wanted to meet up. Every since then this guy has became more than my friend truely i never felt like this he puts my kids first and he helps me. I never had hope. but whenhe showed up back in my life  i knew he was the one. he made me feel beautiful again . If anyone is going through abuse dont wait til its too late cuz i almost did and all i can think about is a child w/o thier mom….

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  1. This is so crazy glad your okay and alive and now feeling how you should of felt a long time ago things happen for a reason and you lived threw it and survived and now can tell your story. Thank You

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