Day 397 – Dream hallucination

Tuesday, March 28th 2017

Today was alright.

I started with English. I had the teacher in 9th grade that didn’t know who I was so my parents had to show a picture of me at the parents teacher meeting as my sub. She’s nice, but kinda acts like she’s actually our teacher, when she’s just the sub. I dunno. Just gives off that vibe. Anyway, we did our group discussion, finished the rest of the documentary and wrote our reader’s response.

In art I continued my portrait and I kept messing up. I’m just gonna move on to features and fix the skin after.

At lunch I sat with my close friends and we talked.

I went off to French class, and it was the same sub that I had in art (just realised 3/4 of my classes had subs). We watched a movie, or at least some did. Most either talked or did book questions. I decided to advance into the book, before talking to Kohai.

I finished with psychology. We had a short discussion then watched a documentary.

At home I moderated the server, ate, went on the other server, then watched an episode of Supernatural.

I had another sort of dream hallucination; they’re kinda like sleep paralysis, but without the paralysis. I mentioned in the past about lying on my back in bed and my blanket trying to strangle me and moving away after a few seconds, but this time, still on my back, I saw my blanket rise at my feet and something moving towards my face. I saw it was a demon, or terrible creature trying to imitate my mom, but it had long, yellow icicle shaped sharp teeth, completely black eyes and grey skin. I knew I had to be aware of my mom and Thursday (my guess it’s because I’m supposed to recieve a package that day), and then I went to open my mouth to say I was after a few seconds of being frozen in fear (the same way with my blanket), but the thought alone made it go away. It was right in my face and about to bite my face off or something. My jaw was throbbing for some reason and when it stopped, I turned towards my clock. It was 4:30-5am. I thought for ten seconds about telling my dad, cause I was convinced he was a hunter that killed these types of creatures. Another ten I was debating whether I was dreaming or not, if it was gonna come back and kill me, if I should get my dad, or if it was just my imagination. I decided it was nothing and fell back asleep. It’s really odd. I don’t like it, because in the moment you’re scared for your life, since it feels so real. Luckily it’s short and to make up for it, I had a silly dream after about my friend hating me, cause I made a tweet about weed and she thought I was hating on Abraham Lincoln.

That’s all for today.

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