first one

hey, whoever is reading this so this is my very first time writing on this web page. but i mines well try right. i am on here because i live with hundreds of people and i guess they don’t know the definition of privacy. i tried writing in journals like a normal person but everyone seems to find it in places where i think there not going to look but end up finding it anyways so then again they dont know nothing about privacy. so let me get into a little bit about myself for starters i am a girl well if i should say women i am burly reaching my peek i am 21 but still havent adventured the world i dont know if i am to scared to or what but its a big question mark in my books. my relationship statues in single never had an EX.. so cant relate i did have a few kisses but thats it never been in a relationship that was serious people say im pretty but are they serious or just playing. i live in california where the population is slowly growing day by day second by second and yet i don’t seem to fit in i feel like im a zombie walking around and i don’t know my place within this world i am the second out of 8 my mom adopts so that’s where the whole lot of people come in there my brothers and sisters i consider them as my family no other definition on that. my parents are in the prosses of getting a divorce or if i may say separated. so we all live with my mom currently. so the struggle is real in our house. so that’s enough of me for one day till tomorrow ill give you guys more deeds upon my life and about my struggles battles and just everything because my life is latterly¬†like a dame TV show. but till tomorrow goodnight for now guys.

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