Memories, Memories, Memories.

Dear God they have to be some means to escape.  I mean I often conjure the same ones from very long ago…my childhood as I sit at this same work desk!  At this point this job has lasted damn near as long as my school years.  I have been at the job neigh on 10 years and school was 13.

But I digress.  Today’s flashback…again the Avon.  Oh my so many of Lebanon kids were transported to other places and times at the Avon.  I can smell the popcorn and see the art deco lighting.  The movie that flashed today (and is a frequent visitor) was Jeremiah Johnson.

“Jeremiah Johnson rode alone into the mountains.”  And Robert Redford was SO HOT almost 50 years ago!  It’s funny after one of these memory flashes I always think I want to see that move again sometime soon…but then I never do!


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