Well, I got about 7 of my watercolors out of their frames and took them to UPS.  I was so nervous, and the girl who helped me wasn’t friendly at all, but she did a pretty good job.  Not EXACTLY what I had in mind, but very nice. Now the fun part—matching watercolors to poems.  Because none of these pictures are illustrations; I didn’t have the poems in mind when I painted these in art class.  But just so happens I have a painting of a grey-striped cat and I had a poem about an orange cat, so I just changed the color in the poem, no prob.  I have a lighthouse scene and a poem about early morning beach-combing.  It’s so much fun!  I don’t know why I was nervous.  Likewise, my poems are just as they came to me.  They include people: my grandmother and grandfather, my hubby, my grandsons, Jesus, my niece,  and strangers.  I was so nervous I took a nap when I got home and got the pictures back in their frames, and now I feel great!  How are YOU?

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