Being an Adult SUCKS!

So today was an okay kinda day I’m still half way through my day its 4:22 pm here in California. I woke up kinda late but really didn’t have nothing to do today I was a really boring kinda day. we where suppose to go to Costco to go get universal passes because we where suppose to go to universal tomorrow since no one has school because of Ceasar Chavez day so the kids are off of school. so we minus well do something but we didn’t end up going to get the tickets because no one has money so theres that. and it sucks because I really don’t have money and I’m just a full time student in college still trying to manage and live with my mom and everyone else and like yet I still depend on her for stuff and I hate it I wish like I can just hurry up and get my classes over with and graduate and get a job and more out because I feel like I’m a huge burden on my mom having to take care of her adult daughter that’s 21 like no I hate it and I hate myself for it. but I guess things happen for a reason I was supposed to go to a university when I graduated high school and it was out of state and man I wished I would of went but my parents convinced me to stay and I did and it was the worse decision of my life. wish I would of went but now I’m stuck here going to a community college in east la. and like I’m trying to manage I coach basketball but yet that’s not a paying job and not enough either so I mean THE STRUGGLE IS REAL for me about now it sucks being an adult no one tells you about this stuff in high school like who wanted to be born to face life stuff like we didn’t even have a choice. My brother always tells my mom like who did I even have to be born like what if I wanted to be a dog or a bird or something but No I HAD TO BE BORN A HUMAN AND face this sucks world lol and I totally agree with him lol and he’s only 14. But anyways long story short BEING AN ADULT SUCKS.!

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