The Hurt Of A Man

The way I feel right now, can not even be describe into understanding words. Here I am loving you and hold you down like a woman supposed to do. Why I do I feel like I been beat down by the power of you. I loved you so much to the point, I would die for you. But Now my mind only rewinds bad memeories from you. I was dying to love and loving to die, I shouldve knew it was gonna fall thru. I dont hate you, but I dont love you. You made me realize I dont need you. You strung me along, as you say but really you was playing me all along. See, You used “strung me along” as an excuse because you didnt want me to leave , if you wouldve said playing me. Everything you come at me with now, is a lie, 3 years and you still doing the same shit like why? Let me pack up my shit and get it pushin, You played me so long im starting to think this was an illusion. I tell myself, “He’s gonna change” but when the sun comes back up, it feels so strange. How you wake up and leave me laying there like a hoe you just fucked, How could you have someone feel like they aint shit, feel like they aint enough. I hope you happy with the life you chose, trust me boo aint nobody gonna take you serious with the lack of loyalty that shows.

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